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Friday Finds, May 5

It’s Friday again.  I don’t know how that happens so quickly some weeks.  I think it must be because we started our volunteer jobs this week, Wednesday, and that shortens up our week considerably.  Let’s see what’s in our Fabu

Quilted Table Cover

While traveling home from Florida we went a bit out of our travel path to visit my siblings, some of them.   I have three sisters and a brother that live in the Indiana/Kentucky area now, having all settled there at various times.  First stop was to

Indie Makers Week

by Marsha H
Are you familiar with this?   Lindsey Rhodes came up with this way of getting we makers to focus on the independent pattern designers.  It’s so easy these days to find free patterns on the Internet and I confess to getting many of them myself. 

Friday Finds, April 29

You know I haven’t been on the computer for the last ten days or so.  We have been traveling back to Vermont and while I haven’t been communicating here, I have my Instagram always handy on my phone so I’ve kept up with some great p

Oh Christmas Tree!

Yes, it’s a bit early for Christmas but you do know that more of us need to start preparing for Christmas earlier. Many have that mad rush at the end of the Fall to get all their gifts made and they forget to stop and enjoy the season for what

Preparations are Underway

by Marsha H
It’s that time of year again.  I can hardly believe that we are making preparations to head back to the Northeast.   Usually I am the one who is saying it’s too hot and we need to go north.  However, I feel a bit cheated of my Florida win