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Surgery Update!

by Marsha H
Update from Florida… “Marsha is out of surgery and doing very well. Nothing in lymph nodes so all is good. We will stay tonight and meet doctors tomorrow and probably leave late tomorrow afternoon.”

A Touch of Humor

by Marsha H
Just a short note to share a little bit of humor with you.  Well, maybe it’s not humor for the average person but it was humorous to me so I’ll share.  There has to be a bit of humor in my day, every day, so here’s today’s. I

Update Time

Okay, so I apologize for being off the radar for a while.  My only defense is there’s not much quiltiness in my life right now so little to blog about.  Maybe you’re thinking that if you were in my position of waiting for surgery to get r

Old Made New

by Marsha H
Do you own a laptop?  Where do you sit to use it?    Here are some ways other people use their laptop. Great posture; but how long can you sustain that? Bad posture; does your back hurt yet?  Did you know you could burn up  your laptop setting it on

Color and Value

I’ve finished the first rosette of the LaPassacaglia Quilt design as I shared last week.  I’ve also made headway in the progress of a second Rosette which I think will end up being Rosette #3 according to the pattern but my second rosette

Friday Finds, January 16

I have five great tutorials for you and a few  FREE quilt patterns.  I hope, once again, that you find something that will make you take the sewing machine out of the closet, or clean off the sewing table, or pull fabric from your stash.  Do you love