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Sunday Show and Tell

by Quilter in Motion
As I promised, today is Show and Tell Sunday.  I promised to share my finished feathers, and lucky for me, I have them done so I can actually show you each one.  I have fifteen finished, not counting those I made in June. I stitched three separate fa

Just a Little Twist

by Quilter in Motion
Today’s post shows a completion of something I’ve been meaning to try for several years.  The L’il Twister tool was given to me by my friend Linda P several years ago.  I was thrilled to get it but I just didn’t seem to be abl

Friday Finds, September 19

THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED TO SHOW THE CORRECT LINK FOR THE NEW YORK BEAUTY TABLE RUNNER #4 on the list.  Thank you to my readers for letting me know when there’s a problem so I can fix it for everyone.   Enjoy! Another round of Friday Finds fo

Feathers, Next Step

Yesterday I showed you the sewn rows of fabric cut into the vanes of the feather.  This afternoon I had to find my black fabric.  It was tucked in with the last big project I used it. Naturally!  It was in my Scrap Tease fabrics where black was the s


I made my trip to JoAnn Fabrics and was able to get the fusible interfacing I needed for the stole and the gifts I’m making for Retreat.  I also was able to get the last of their Kona White fabric.  I need the white for the Feathers I’m m

Scrap Jar Star Block Tutorial

When making my Scrap Jar block for the swap, I followed the directions the Queen for September wanted.  However, I have seen another tutorial that was almost exactly the same HERE. I think the tutorial at A Little Bit Biased is very good and she does