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Show and Tell Sunday – Circling Geese Clock

Today is Show and Tell Sunday.   I want to share about the quilted clock I made for my cousin’s daughter. When I made the quilted clock last year for the family reunion, there were so many people wanting to buy tickets for that clock raffle.  M


Patriotism is shown in so many ways.  Standing up with you hear the national anthem; saying thank you to a military person, active or retired.   Waving your flag, either from your house or in your hand when standing at a parade can be a patriotic act

Friday Finds, July 3

Another wonderful summer week…did you get any sun?   We didn’t have much and the garden didn’t do much either.  Rain; we went all of May without rain and we certainly made up for it in June and July has started the same way.  We are

Trifold Wallet Tutorial, Part 2

Today we are going to finish up our Trifold Wallet.  If you are reading along and missed Part 1, you will find it on yesterday’s post. Let’s get started on the zipper pocket.  I did this very differently than the designer of the original

Tutorial Tuesday Trifold Wallet, Part 1

Today tutorial is for making a trifold wallet.  I have used a lot of photos along with the steps I did to make the wallet, hoping that between them it would make it a good project for you!   I hope you enjoy it and find yourself using it.  Here is th

Bernina, Wing Clipper and a Block

What does a Bernina, a Wing Clipper and a Block have in common?  All three are in the post today, that’s what. I got my lovely old Bernina back on Sunday.   First thing I did was stitch some so I could see how much better it ran.  In case you h