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Spring Sprigs

by Quilter in Motion
The roadways of southern Alabama are filled with lovely Spring sprigs…and plenty of Spring breakers as well.  Unfortunately there have been several deadly accidents in our area in the past week.  These may have been due to the extra number of v

The Carrot Carrier

by Quilter in Motion
Happy Easter everyone.  This is a very special holiday for all Christians and I don’t want it to appear that I don’t recognize its importance.  As a Christian, this day signifies an event that changed my life, and perhaps yours too.  I tr

Got it All Together?

by Quilter in Motion
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Usually I would say I do “have it all together”.   However, I can be proven wrong, and I might add that this “having it all together” seems to get harder the older I get. Last week I went over to the Clubhouse to sandwich my S

Friday Finds April 18

Good Friday!   It’s always a good Friday when there’s Friday Finds to be had, but today being a holy day I want to wish you all a joyful Easter Weekend. New life, rebirth, baby animals, eggs all come to mind when people think of Easter an

A Visit to A Quilt Guild

  I think it’s always fun to find out what other quilt guilds are doing.  Today I visited a quilt guild in southern Alabama, down on the Gulf Shores, known as Island Quilters.  They meet in a hall that allows plenty of room for card tables

Puzzled to Pieces

by Quilter in Motion
I’ve been putting together April’s “In the Garden” block gradually this week.  I started with a few pieces on Friday and then a few more on Sunday and today I have finished the block, piece by piece. Foundation paper-piecing i