You know you are a fabric artist when your husband hands you an odd-shaped piece of wood and asks you to determine the angle needed for the peak of the chicken coop he’s building!

Honestly, it happened to me yesterday.   I was assisting his coop building as our daughter and grandson (and SIL) were MIA due to work and summer camp  When the chicken owners are present, I get to spend my time watching and throwing balls for Penny Lane, the grand-dog.  Today was my day to assist.

Here’s the odd piece of wood I was handed.


And the ruler I was given, which actually belongs to me from my Habitat for Humanity building days.


Now here’s the peak of the chicken coop, which, by the way, does not look at all like either of those two “tools” I was given to complete the job.

IMG_8507Peak of the chicken coop


I looked and looked at that piece of wood and the lovely plastic square.  I couldn’t figure out how I would manipulate either of those items in the peak of the coop to do any measuring or figuring.   Being a fabric artist, I was thinking how easy it is to grab a piece of fabric and fold it to the size you need and then pin and measure after.   We weren’t at home but outdoors in the backyard at daughter’s.  Looking around, I saw one thing that I knew would work like a piece of fabric.

IMG_8506Paper towels

Yes I looked around and found the only flexible “fabric” and it happened to be paper towels.   I grabbed the paper towels and make a random angled fold in the double-width of paper towel.  It worked just as fabric would.  I held it up to the peak with the angle fold and it worked beautifully.  The Woodsmith was not seeing how it could possibly work but as you can see from the photo above it did.

IMG_8505There’s the angle we cut and

IMG_8502there it is mounted in the peak.  Never doubt a fabric artist.

The black hinges for those unfamiliar with a chicken coop, are so that the angled piece will fold down to allow for ventilation and fold up in winter when you want it warmer inside the coop.

IMG_8503There are the ventilation holes with the angled door let down.   This is the side of the coop where the chicken will walk outdoors on their spiffy “ladder”.

IMG_8500The door that comes down from the vent holes has a piece added so that it will hold up the door where the chickens come out of the coop.  My hubby is a very clever man; I was wondering how we were going to make that work.  This is the side with the nesting boxes which jut out from the actual coop.

IMG_8498 They are temporarily closed up inside the coop until it’s time for the chickens to actually nest and lay eggs which should be sometime this fall.

IMG_8501Here’s a view into the coop.  The back rectangle is another vent.  I was inside it screwing the screen over the opening from the inside while hubby attached a door on the outside.  You can see the nesting boxes on the left side.  There are two; they have five chickens.

That’s how I spent my morning.  The afternoon was spent using the lovely yellow fabric I got on Monday at A Quilter’s Garden in Montpelier.  I didn’t have a phone (battery died) to take some photos but I will if I get back there again.  HERE is her website.  The shop is owned by Dee Lamberton and I can attest to how very helpful she is.  She has a very nice shop but I didn’t get to look around as much as I would have liked.

I took my Spinning Flower blocks with me and she was great about helping me audition fabric.  I went with the idea that I wanted either a yellow with blue print or a blue with yellow print.  Neither really worked for those blocks.  Dee brought white and also a pale yellow out for me to audition and , wow!  That pale yellow just softly settled in and calmed the entire collection of blocks with all the different blues I have.

So here’s the completed bed quilt top, complete with all the blocks “on point”.

IMG_8495Thanks to the Woodsmith for holding my bed runner top.  It came out measuring 30″ x 78″.  Now that the bed runner top is complete, I have to decide what I’m doing to do about the back.  I’m thinking I should do something sort of scrappy.

I have two more blocks which were the two I made as examples for the Bee Biased group.  I didn’t want to put any of those they gave me on the back so I will put my two on the back.  I think I have a few other blocks left from another project that I will just add to those two and use some blue fabrics in some configuration.   I know I’m going to use some of the remaining yellow fabric to bind the bed runner and maybe I’ll end up with a reversible bed runner if all works out.

Off to work on the scrappy back and see how that turns out.  I’ll let you know.