I’m quilting!!!   I have actually spent a few hours several days this past week quilting!!

I’ve wanted to get into quilting but I really don’t have much fabric with me.  When I left the RV to come to my daughter’s I thought it was a very temporary thing and then it turned out to be a six-month stay.  What I have with me are the projects I put into the Quilt Retreat box several weeks before we left the RV.   I also put a few other things I would want when we first got to Florida.

That means I have three WIPs, works in progress. I have my purple project, the quilt I am going to make for my friend Nancy from her friend’s fabric; I have my Buttermilk Basin “Let it Snow” project which requires wool to finish…and I have none with me. I have the Bookshelf project which will have to wait until Christmas projects are done.  I have two patterns that I would like to make and have to get fabrics for.  I have my “Oh Christmas Tree” project which required fabrics for the Wonky Star border.

So, to go along with the title of this blogpost, I am working on the wonky star border.  I am not the best Wonky quilter.   The next border on the “Oh Christmas Tree” project, the wool applique tree I worked on over the summer months, is made up of about 36 wonky stars.  I love the look of the stars, but I have a heck of a time making my stars wonky.  Perhaps, if you are a non-quilting reader of this blog, you don’t know what a wonky star is.  This one isn’t completely stitched yet but this is what one looks like.  The points of the stars are purposely made different lengths and widths.  You can see that there isn’t a huge different, but a little, in the size/shape of each star point.



Let me show you a few of the stars all stitched.


I really like the Wonky Stars but every time I put a star piece onto the paper, I seem to tilt it almost exactly like the one before which results in almost the same size/shape star point.   After I have done a few, I get better at it but it is still a very conscious effort I have to make to get them different sizes.

Here are a few photos to show you how they go together in case you’ve never made a wonky star before.  This is a stack of pieces ready to be made into the star.  I have already stitched the colored fabric to the background sections.  Each star is made up of nine sections.  The center is one square of colored fabric.  There are four sections placed around that made up of three pieces, two colored and a background fabric.   Then there are four more background pieces that fill in the corners.



The actual star sections, untrimmed.

The star sections, trimmed.




There is a lot of waste in Wonky Stars, I think.







There are people who won’t do foundation (paper) piecing because they say there is too much waste of fabric.  Maybe they don’t do Wonky Stars either!

This is the trimming steps.  First I have stitched the recommended size pieces from the pattern to the background fabric cut to size.  I use the background fabric as the pattern for trimming.  You can see there is a lot of print fabric that is outside the white background area which will be trimmed off.







Trimmed off.  You can see the stitch lines for the Wonky Star points (from the back of the piece).







Next, flip it over and you see the star points. Both are different sizes, hurray!  A good start to a Wonky Star.







It doesn’t look like much now, but add that to the print center and the other three print/background sections and you see the Wonky Star.  The four background corners complete the block.

img_9819 img_9820






Make 36 of these and you are ready to attach them to make the top, bottom and two side borders.   I made half of the stars with the same Christmas text fabric I used for the background of the Christmas tree, and the other half I used Kona white fabric for the background.  I will alternate them as I stitch the border together.  That won’t happen for another couple of days though.

I am going to be busy in the next two days, making three batches of gingerbread for a large gingerbread church the children at our daughter’s church decorate for Advent.  Sara and another working mom usually make the gingerbread but I am doing it this year as I have way more time to do it the either of them this year.  The other working mom is Sara’s friend, Katy, who has been so very, very helpful during this hospitalization of Dave and has spent almost as much time as Sara has at the hospital being there for Sara.   I am so happy to be able to do this little thing to help her out!    Stitching won’t be happening until the pieces of gingerbread are baked and resting, actually drying out.  The church will not get eaten and the whole thing goes together better if the gingerbread has had some time to dry out a bit.  They won’t put the church together (with frosting) until Sunday morning and then the fun decorating will happen.

So, I will close with a few more photos of some of my Wonky stars.




I made the stars from Christmas fabrics since I didn’t have my scraps with me.  The Christmas fabric was 70% off on the Wednesday, just before Thanksgiving so I stopped by on the way from the hospital and picked up about 14 prints.  With coupons, total cost was $10. and change.!!!!! Love it!!


Happy stitching everyone.