Over on several of the blogs I follow, they hold WIP Wednesdays where people share their progress or their Works in Progress.  Today I have several projects in the works so I thought I would post about them.

First there is the long-running La Passacaglia quilt I’m working on.  Over the past several weeks, I’ve been connecting rosettes to see how far I’ve come since back in November when I started these.  Remembering that most of the people on the Facebook La Pas group say it’s taken then 8 months to one year OR MORE, I feel like I’m following the average pretty much.

On Sunday I shared my blunder where I had stitched a rosette in the wrong place and had to use the old seam-ripper to make amends.  I did that and added a couple more rosettes once I got #6 in the correct place.  Here’s where that stands now.


I am pretty excited about seeing this much together.  I have three more rosettes all made and ready to stitch on and then its time to make some more.   Seeing this is my inspiration to continue.  I can do it.

I started a new project this week.  I’m sure everyone knows about the Orlando nightclub shooting.  In response to that, the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild has put out a call for either quilts (preferably) or quilt blocks to be sent and distributed to survivors, families of deceased, firefighters, policemen and police precincts.  I have started a quilt for that.  I’m getting some fabric donated by my friend, Dena, who confided several weeks ago that she needed to destash so I called on her for some bright rainbow colors that I don’t have.

The Pulse quilts will be rainbows of hearts in various designs.  If interested, you can go to the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild’s website HERE to learn more.

I used my new Improved Cut rotary cutter blade to cut all these pieces of fabric.  It cut ‘like butter’.  No pressure needed to be applied and no hitches in the blades just perfect clean cuts.  What a wonderful thing!


The quilts are to bright rainbow colors and heart blocks.  Dena is bringing her bright rainbow colored fabrics this weekend since we, along with a lovely group of others, are heading to Vermont Quilt Festival Saturday morning, bright and early.


I have another project in the works but I’m not going to show it to you.  You’ll have to wait until July 17th to see what it is.  That’s my day to share in the Christmas in July Blog Hop sponsored by Sarah.

Save The Date CIJ-1

I hope there’s a button on the right side of my blog by now to give you a place to hop to but I’ll check it and make sure it gets there.  Here’s a hint of my project.


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