Today Rhode Island and Vermont are featured on the AMB Blog Tour of the 50 States.  Don’t forget to trip on over to Rhode Island when you are done here to see her lovely license plate. You will find her HERE.

It’s my pleasure and honor to represent Vermont on the AMB Blog Tour of the 50 States.  I was thrilled to be invited by Candice of Clothworks Textiles. Only fifty bloggers in the whole Unites States are taking part in this very special blog tour to introduce Clothworks newest line of fabric.  This line of fabric is special as cotton is grown on U.S. farms, processed in U.S. factories and sold in U.S. stores.  What a wonderful thing for our economy.  I hope you’ll all ask around at your LQS for this fabric.  Solids are always a marvelous addition to the stash!

For those of you new to my blog, I’m a full-time RVer which means “home is where you park it”.  You can see our home in the header photos at the top of my blog.  For the past 12 years, we have spent 5-6 months of every year here in Vermont where the mountains are green, the air is fresh and there are no billboards.  How many states can boast no billboards?

I chose to represent Vermont with a little bit of whimsy and what I consider the backbone of Vermont, its Green Mountains and farmland, Connecticut River and its numerous farms and covered bridges.

I have read that there are more covered bridges per square mile in Vermont than any other state in the United States. There are over 100 covered bridges here, one of them a double span covered bridge just five miles from us.   For the longest time it was the longest double span covered bridge in the country but another state built slightly long recently.  This covered bridge spans the Connecticut River between Plainfield, New Hampshire and Windsor, Vermont.




“The Green Mountain State” is the logo on the authentic license plate for the state of Vermont.

The official Vermont state license plate.

The early Vermont license plate used to say “See Vermont”.  I think that’s a wonderful slogan and I hope you’ll enjoy seeing Vermont from your armchair today with me.

I couldn’t leave the mountains out!  Skiers from all over come to Vermont to ski the mountains, Killington, Stowe, Okemo, Sugarbush, Stratton Mountain and at one time they came to Mt. Ascutney, the mountain about five miles from us where a Vermont State Park is located.


The Connecticut River flows from northern Vermont to southern Vermont and beyond along the eastern border of the state. It creates a natural border between Vermont and New Hampshire. Kayaking and canoeing on the Connecticut River are  tourist pursuits all Spring, Summer and Fall in Vermont. The Vermont State Park where I volunteer has a boat launch and is often a stop for these paddlers.





Farms dot the landscape in Vermont, perhaps not as many as there used to be, but still enough farms that they are commonplace here. In a ratio of cows to people, there are more cows in the Vermont than the rest of the United States.

These cows lead to other things well-known things in Vermont. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream became a well-known Vermont product some years ago. What’s your favorite? I have trouble choosing between Cherry Garcia and Heath Bar Crunch.

Did you know ice cream waste at the Ben & Jerry’s plant is fed to pigs and the pigs like every single flavor EXCEPT mint chocolate chip? There are tours and samples at the factory in Waterbury, VT.  If you don’t expect to ever get there, you can sit at home and watch how their ice cream is made right HERE.

Cabot Cheese is a well-known product of Vermont, also located in Waterbury, VT.  There is a dairy cooperative that provides the cows’ milk for this most-loved product. You can sample their products at many shops Cabot has set up around the state and take a tour to learn more about Cabot Cheese at the factory.

Behold, the power of Cheese

Did you know you can buy Cabot Cheese at ANY Wal-mart in the United States?  My favorite is their Seriously Sharp Cheddar!  There are many other cheese producers in the State as well.

Our heifer friend on the license plate lives here on a farm in Vermont. You can see her farm right behind her on the license plate.

I’ve named her Hilde. A tasty treat in Vermont is the Maple Creemie. A Creemie is Vermont’s name for a soft-serve ice cream cone.

The Maple Creemie is special Vermont treat and now you know how they make a Maple Creemie — using the milk from a cow who drinks maple syrup! It makes a good story anyway, right?

One of the top ten summer events is built around Hilde and her pals. Every year, in the southern Vermont town of Brattleboro, they hold the “Strolling of the Heifers”. This year the Strolling of the Heifers will be held June 6-7-8 and will include the Strolling Heifers Parade on the 7th of June, a Slow Living Expo, gallery walk, the “Tour de Heifer” on Sunday the 8th. Cycling tours of 15-60 miles through scenic Vermont and farm-fresh lunches. Check it out HERE.














Maple syrup is in the forefront of thought in Vermont during the Spring months when those involved in the business of sugaring produce an amazing amount of maple syrup. Last year they produced an incredible 1.3 million gallons of pure maple syrup. This is amazing when you realize it takes about forty gallons of sap to make one gallon of maple syrup! There is a big Maple Syrup festival every spring in St. Albans which draws folks from all over the US.   HERE you can learn how the process of making maple syrup is done.

Maple syrup was produced as far back as the American Revolution and during World War II’s rationing, maple syrup and maple sugar played an important role.   Below is a photo of a sugar shack where sap from the maple tree is boiled to make maple syrup, and boiled even further to make maple sugar.   In the forefront of the photo you can see a maple tree with sap buckets suspended from it.  Taps are pounded into the tree and the sap pours out into the buckets which are collected regularly.  Today much of that collection is done by a tubing system.  The story of how maple syrup is made is a fascinating one and I recommend you read about it.  It definitely makes one understand why it is priced so dearly.


Vermont is proud to have had an American president born in the state.  Calvin Coolidge was born in Plymouth, Vermont.  He was a real Yankee Doodle Dandy, born on the 4th of July, 1832.

Author Archer Mayor hails from Vermont and his novels are situated in various towns throughout Vermont.  That makes them fun to read for any familiar with Vermont towns as you can visualize where he’s talking about.   Pearl Buck, a famous author came from Vermont as did a number of other authors such as Chris Bohjalian.  Robert Frost, poet, and the band, Phish, all hail from Vermont.  The list is endless and if you like to see who else came from Vermont you can check it out HERE.

I can’t leave out the Vermont Quilt Festival.  The VQF is the oldest and largest New England Quilt event.  This year the festival runs from June 27-29 at the Champlain Valley Exposition in Essex Junction, Vermont.  For more information, go HERE.

Vermont Quilt Festival

Vermont has so many interesting facets. We’ve been living here six months of the year for about twelve years and we still look forward to every summer when we can explore a little more of this diverse state. I hope you’ll think about including Vermont in your future travel plans.

We’ve volunteered in Vermont State Parks for six years and we are proud to say they are some of the cleanest parks we’ve come across in our travels. The parks offer rustic cabins, tent camping and spaces for larger self-contained RVs as well. Whether they are on lakes like Lake Champlain or along a river, they have something to offer the nature lovers among us. Come visit a Vermont State Park.  You’ll be glad you did!



Now you know why each of the items on the license plate block were included. I hope you’ll collect this license plate block pattern, along with the other 49 blocks that are being offered on this Blog Tour. Download your free pattern for Vermont and share with your friends and family how they, too, can get a license plate block for every one of the fifty fantastic United States!  Click on the photo at the end of the post for the link to Craftsy for the FREE download.

Don’t forget to leave me a comment telling me if you’ve ever visited Vermont, lived in Vermont or sampled a Vermont made product. I have several giveaways for you. First is a fat-quarter stack of 8 colorful American Made Brands solids.  These are being donated by Clothworks Textiles to promote their 100% made in America quilting cottons.

AMB Tour prize


Also, I have a stack of 2.5″ squares and a gift of Vermont Maple sugar candy.



Second is a charm pack of colorful AMB solids and a sample of Vermont made maple sugar candy.



Can it get any better than that? A random drawing will be done at the end of the Blog Tour and announcements made the next day. Please be sure to leave an email address just in case you show up as a “no reply” blogger. All readers are welcome to comment and take a chance on winning one of these lovely prizes.  Only comments left on this post will be considered for prizes so be sure you comment down at the bottom of this actual post not others before or after it.   Comments are welcome until June 20th.


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