Hi Fans-

I have been busy off and on all day quilting my Carol Doak quilt.  Yes, off and on because my shoulders get tired and my butt gets tired when I sit there for four or five hours PLUS I have a husband who needs to eat now and then.  He really still doesn’t understand that when I’m in the ‘quilt zone’ I don’t think about eating.  So, off and on today I quilted.  The good news is the quilting is finished.  The binding is finished.  Now I just need some sunshine so I can get some good photos.  That means I don’t have any quilt to show you today.

That said, I have things I haven’t even told you about yet.    Several weeks ago, during the AMB Blog Tour, I received three separate emails telling me I was “A Winner”!   I haven’t won anything on any blog giveaways for about two years but this year -all in the same month — I won three great giveaways.

The first giveaway was a pouch made with the sweetest fabric, “Mending Fences” by Lynette Anderson.  It was a giveaway over at Quilting in a Nutshell HERE and came all the way from Norway.  Anita sent the pouch to me and it arrived one day when the grandson was here and we were playing Rummikub.

When it came time to put the game away, he said the pouch (which we had been admiring) would be perfect for all the tiles to go it.   He was right!  They all fit in there with just room to spare, almost like Anita made it knowing how big I needed it to be!


The second giveaway was from Quiltmakers “Quilty Pleasures” blog HERE.  I was so surprised I won!   The prize was a hardback copy of Heather Ross’ book, How to Catch a Frog.

9781617690983 Heather Ross Book Review Giveaway


Heather Ross is a quilter and quilt designer, a talented young woman.   She wrote the book about her growing up in Vermont, in the northern section which people call the “Northeast Kingdom”.   Heather’s parents were artsy and they had their carefree lifestyles – and their problems – which Heather writes about.  I’ve read the book and really enjoyed reading it.   I come from a large family and I have something to say to Heather, and anyone else out there.  Is there ANY family that isn’t dysfunctional in some respect?   Don’t worry, Heather, you were not the only one to grow up in a dysfunctional family.


The third giveaway that very same week was a giveaway from the state of Texas from Emily, The Caffeinated Quilter blog HERE.    She designed the lovely Texas license plate for the AMB Blog Tour.   Her giveaway was amazing, and so very generous!   She sent a package of the most amazing Texas coffee.  It had a hint of cinnamon flavor and we really have enjoyed that morning starter.   Along with that, she sent two packets of tiny hexagons and two patterns to make the lovely flowers she used in her Texas license plate.   Also she sent me a packet of leftover scraps from her license plate project.









Now I just wish I could find those photos I took!   You see, when our computer got the virus a few weeks ago, DH took everything off the computer.  He managed to keep all the photos….I think.  I just can’t find things now!    He also managed to keep most of my files which was a great thing.  I lost all my bookmarks which means I have no way of finding some of my very favorite blogs to visit as I hadn’t subscribed to them.  I had too many to read so I didn’t add them all and now they are out there in the Blogosphere and over time, I imagine I will find them again.  They had great ideas so they will be putting out some more soon and I hope to find them again.

So, I used a photo from each of the blogs that gave me the giveaways because I really wanted you to see what great giveaways there out there in the Blogosphere!

What a lucky gal I am.  Lucky that I have a husband who could make heads and tails out of a computer that was going bonkers; lucky that I won three fabulous gifts from three wonderful bloggers.

Before I close I wanted to explain “chicken nipples” and “hardware cloth” as I was asked to do so.   Remember I mentioned DH is building a chicken coop for our daughter’s family?  One thing our son-in-law ordered and received are “chicken nipples”.  These little water dispensers that look like nipples that the water drink from.  It keeps the chicken coop (or box in this case as they are still very young) dry.  Here’s a photo from the Chicken-Chick.com.  That little red “nipple” at the bottom of the bottle is where the chicks get their water.

Make your own inexpensive poultry nipple waterer

Now, hardware cloth.  Hardware cloth is suggested as the better thing to use instead of chicken wire when making the fencing for the chicken coop.  It’s sturdier so that predators like raccoons and foxes can’t tear it apart as easily.


Chicken Coop Predator Kit

Now you’re just about as prepared as I am to build a chicken coop!