Yes, that’s what I did when I had my almost two-month hiatus but more than that, I took time to help out my daughter and her family.   Either way, it was taking time for myself because I was less stressed by being here with my daughter and grandson, and able to see my son-in-law AND it was taking time for myself because I didn’t stress over what I was going to write about since I wasn’t doing much creativeness.

I’m still not doing a lot of quilting, haven’t touched my bookshelf since the last post.  It’s going to come.  I actually took the time to look at a JoAnn’s flyer when it arrived Saturday.  I found myself excited at the prospect of getting some flannel and making some pajama pants for everyone.  Will I do it?  I don’t know yet.  The sale starts Wednesday.  I have plenty of time to decide if I want to commit to that.

Isn’t this beautiful?



I found it in my mailbox Saturday morning as I get Jenny’s blog posts in my mailbox so I never miss one.  That’s what you can do when you Follow or Subscribe to my blog posts or Jenny’s or any blogger’s posts.  You can find Jenny HERE and if you love beautiful embroidered messages, you will love all her FREE offerings.

Our grandson had Thursday afternoon and Friday off for Parent-Teacher Conferences so we took advantage of that longer weekend to get our big truck over to New York.   Son and father worked on replacing the injectors back in October and it didn’t go so well.  There is still a problem with it so the truck is back over there now.  It will stay there for the winter and once warmer weather comes, they will put it back in the garage and once again do some work on the injectors.  I’m not even going to try to explain what’s wrong.  Suffice it to say I hope it all gets ‘right’ again next time.

For the winter we are using our son-in-law’s Forerunner.  I love driving and riding in this vehicle.  I would be thrilled to own one just like it and am working on the DH toward that end, or at least another vehicle that we can drive back and forth to Florida in.

Our son and daughter-in-law are always fun to visit and Aubrey (Brie) loves to think of fun things to do with Jack while he’s there.  Yesterday afternoon, we all went to an aquarium that had opened up in the Rotterdam Mall.  It is a sweet little aquarium and we all enjoyed it.  We all visited a gaming place, sort of like Dave & Buster’s if you are familiar with that.  They had a giant Pacman game (I used to love Pacman for the Atari back in the old days of computerized games) so I had to play that.  Everyone in our group played a few games and it was a fun way to spend the early evening.

Before we headed out to the Aquarium in the afternoon, I gave Jack a knitting lesson.  He had told me back in October that he wanted to learn to knit since all the other Cross-Country runners knew how.   I thought while we were away from the video games, and the friends, it would be a good quiet time to give the lesson.

He is a natural knitter.  One lesson and he was off.  He is doing great with only two little errors since he started.  He’s working on a scarf.  Here’s a little video of him taking off with his circs (circular needles) and some yarn that creates stripes as you knit along.


That was fun and once Aubrey saw him knitting, she picked up the long knitting needles with the starter I had put on there and she began knitting.  Her mother had tried to teach her years ago unsuccessfully but she just took off this time too, without much but a little start from me.   SO, no quilting but it was a great weekend for knitting!


We’ll see what this week brings.  We’ve decided not to do a Thankgsiving dinner since Sara doesn’t want to leave the hospital for a mid-day dinner and no one wants to eat at 9 p.m. so we three will hang out at the hospital with them, knitting, EPP, books and probably even a game or two.  Being together and being grateful to be together along with the immense gratitude we have for Dave’s progress is the best thing about Thanksgiving for us this year.

May you have a Thanksgiving filled with blessings and joyful time with family and friends.