Sunday Summary….I guess that means I have to sum up my Sunday for you.

Today is our anniversary so we took off this morning early and drove a ways to get breakfast at a new spot.   Our breakfasts were delicious!  I had a Greek Omelet which has spinach, onion, and Feta cheese in the omelet.  Yummy!!!   I love spinach with eggs and I haven’t really found many places down here yet that serve a vegetable-style omelet.  I was so happy to see the Greek omelet on the menu.  Of course I dug right in and didn’t even take a photo for you.   I did, however, take a shot of the sign for this breakfast place as I thought it was really cute.  Here’s KiKi’s Egg House, Ft. Meade, Florida.


I think that’s our celebration for the day.  After this many years, DH has gotten past the romantic phase, no more flowers and we haven’t given each other a gift for years.   We did talk about plans for a party on our 50th.  I know others are supposed to do it for us but it’s not a party, persay, that we’re thinking about.   We had talked about talking a trip across the Canadian Rockies, which would be awesome but we also talked about being with our family for a celebration.   We can’t afford to bring them all to Florida which is where we’ll be so we thought perhaps a cottage at the beach, ON the beach, would be fun and then anyone that could get themselves there for a visit would be invited.  We’d do it six months or so early, though, so we could do it on a Maine beach which is where we’d like to be.  So we have something to think about and plan for a few years down the road….not too many years either!!

So breakfast was our celebration today.  We’ll meet up with our Englewood friends before Christmas and have an anniversary dinner together as their anniversary (same number of years) is two weeks after ours.  They attended our wedding and we attended theirs.  Both us gals were in college at the time!  We’ve celebrated many anniversaries together sometime in between the two actual dates, often going out to an island off Englewood Beach.

The weather today is conducive to cooking.  I made a pumpkin pie today.  Just because I could!  I love pumpkin pie and one piece at Thanksgiving just didn’t seem like enough.   Then, since the temperatures are low today as well as the humidity, I baked chocolate chip cookies for DH.   I haven’t baked cookies for him for a long time.   I have to say my son, Jon, makes and has always made, better chocolate chip cookies than I do!  Mine spread out on the pan and look ugly.  His look like they came off the bakery shelf and tastes great too.  Here’s the great thing about a husband that’s been around a LONG time…..he’ll eat a chocolate chip cookie no matter what it looks like!  Here’s my pumpkin pie.


I wanted to tell you a little about my pie.  I always use the recipe on the Libby Pumpkin  can except when I have a fresh pumpkin to use.   Today, no fresh pumpkin, so it was the Libby’s recipe.  However, I don’t have evaporated milk on hand, ever, unless I know I’m going to need it and I had forgotten that was used in this recipe when I went to the store several weeks ago to buy the can of pumpkin and the pie shell.  Yup, I bought the pie shell, frozen.   Gone are the days when I would make everything from scratch.  Then I had lots of lovely family to share those baked goods and it was worth every minute I spent.  Now it’s usually just Hubs and I, so I take short-cuts.

Instead of the evaporated milk, I used an extra egg (making that 3 eggs) and 3/4 cup of Land of Lake Fat Free Half and Half.  I always have LoL Fat Free 1/2&1/2 in the ‘fridge.  I use in now and then in my hot coffee, in my iced coffee, and when I make fish or corn chowder, I use it instead of cream or milk or canned evaporated milk.  I like the results better in all those things when I use the LoL 1/2&1/2 and I’m not adding fat to any of those because I always use the fat-free version.  If you want to make sure the milk change doesn’t make your pie to runny when cooked, you can add 1 tsp. cornstarch to the sugar mixture at the beginning of the process.  I do.

After my baking spurt, I finished Block #2 of the Sew Sweet Simplicity Free Block of the Month with Jacquelynne Steves HERE.  I’ve mentioned it many times, encouraging you all to stitch along.   If you haven’t started, at least collect her great patterns and make it sometime later.  Her directions are so specific; you can’t go wrong.



Here’s my Block #2.


In case you missed the post with Block #1, here’s that one.

IMG_1047You have several options with the center blocks of this BOM.  You can do the embroidery like I am, you can applique the designs in the center, or you can just put a fabric square in there that you like.  You could fussy cut a piece that fits in there.  Plenty of opportunity to individualize your blocks.

I am using all Connecting Threads fabrics in my Sew Sweetness Simplicity blocks.  They came out with a new line right about the time I was trying to decide on the fabrics to use.   The price (5.95/yd) was right and I have been very happy with all the Connecting Threads I’ve used.  The quality of their own fabrics is quilt store quality and the shipping is quick.  I’m using their Royal Tea line seen HERE.  It had all the colors suggested for the BOM.  BTW, I do not get any gratuity for endorsing Connecting Threads fabrics; I just love them.

Some people doing the BOM are using very modern design fabrics and bright, wild colors.  You get an entirely different look, and how awesome is that!  I think you can see some samples of other blocks people have done at Jacquelynne’s blog.

I sewed Block #2 on my new Featherweight, Hazen.  Bud cleaned it all up, replaced a few parts needed, and it sews like a dream.  It’s so much fun to sew on.    I even took it with me to teach a class on folded fabric Christmas ornaments at the Clubhouse Friday morning to let the ladies sew on.  Several of them (two non-sewers) are on the lookout for a Featherweight now!  Sorry, I forgot to take any photos of that class!!


Here’s something I’ll tell you that I knew, and chose to ignore.  You should always make all the blocks from one project on the SAME machine.  You could, and probably will, get some minor size differences.  And I did!!!   Block #2, sewn without a 1/4 foot, and just a taped seam allowance, is slightly smaller than Block #1.  I don’t think it’s enough to worry about but if it is, I’ll just make another Block #1 after the other blocks are finished.  I enjoyed sewing on Hazen and will do the other blocks on it too.

Someone told me I could use a short shank 1/4″ foot from any brand machine on the FW.  Anyone who has one doing that?  I’d like to hear what you do about the 1/4″ foot if you own a FW, please and thank you!  Do you also have one of the seam allowance guides you can purchase?  I think I”m going to purchase that if I don’t get a 1/4″ foot.

I’ve taken you through most of my day.  There are several hours left of afternoon which I plan to sew the final block in the Stitchery Dickory Dock 2014 Sugar Cube QAL, or at least get it started.   This evening, being Sunday, will find me at the Clubhouse running the Bingo games.  I’m not a big Bingo player but they needed one person who would be in charge of the games meaning, find a caller each time and sell the game cards, etc.   Since most Bingo players don’t want to get involved in that, they want to be playing, I agreed to do it.  I’ve even gotten DH into being a regularly scheduled caller and the players like it when he calls.  They say he’s clear-spoken and his voice is easy to hear.  I have four regular callers and one alternate.  The Bingo games are run Sunday and Wednesday nights.

So that’s my Sunday.  We hope to get to chat with the grandson and his parents today sometime but they have a very busy schedule every day.  We wait for them to call rather than try to catch them.  For the most part, one of us is usually available to chat when they are.  In between times, we get FB messages and photos and even Instagram messages and photos now.   In case you are on Instagram and want to see what I put up there, I use the same name there, quilterinmotion.   If you don’t have IG, you still get to see my IG photos in the upper corner of the blog’s front page.

Happy Day everyone!