I think today I’ll focus on the coming of summer.  School is out for many children and teachers and soon to be out for the rest of the country.  It’s time to think about what you’re going to do for summer projects.  Let’s see what I’ve come up with!


1.  Look at these darling bees!  They don’t sting so don’t run away.  There is a needle keeper and a pincushion, plus a pouch to keep them in.  First, this week, is the tutorial for the pincushion.  You know how I love pincushions and I try not to go heavy on the pinnie tutes but these are adorable and I couldn’t help myself.  Check out Marjory’s blog HERE.

2.  How about a summertime table runner?  Who doesn’t eat a lot of watermelon in the summer?   For many of us, summer is the only time we even think about watermelon.  I love watermelon in a fruit salad or just a slice by itself.  This table runner makes my mouth water.  HERE is a luscious watermelon from All People Quilt.

3.  How about a summer picnic blanket?  Do you have one?  This one promises to be simple and even recycles a pair of holey jeans.  Gotta love a pattern that uses old jeans!  Here’s a Summer Picnic Blanket (complete with ants) by Tammy from She Wears Flowers HERE.

Picnic 25

4.  Summer quilt?  I think of summer as being light and airy, pretty colors, blue skies and a cool breeze.  What better quilt to make us think summer than this Windy Days Quilt featured on Moda Bake Shop but a Sarah Meyer design.  You can find this summer-y quilt tutorial HERE.

5.  Now what, to you,  is the ultimate way of lazing a summer day away ?  For some people it’s finding a cozy niche in the rocks (boulders) on a beach somewhere and enjoying a good book with the ocean for a view when you look up from the pages.   For others, it might be getting lulled to sleep in a hammock or hammock chair.  Have you ever thought about making your own hammock or hammock chair?  I found a great tutorial on making a hammock chair.  Now if I just had a porch to attach it to! Maybe you do and can use THIS tutorial.

So that’s my tribute to Summer Projects.  There might be some more along the way as I did run across some other goodies but this week is definitely done with summer in mind.  I hope I’ve posted something here that might interest you this week.

My thanks, as always, to the many bloggers who post wonderful tutorials so that the rest of us can enjoy their clever ideas.

Happy Stitching.