After reading various blog posts I’ve written, one of my faithful (and talented) readers, made a wonderful set of stacking fabric boxes for her sweet grand-daughter.   Not only did she made this wonderful stack but she taught a “Make and Take” class on the fabric box.

When I begged her to let me take photos, I hadn’t thought about making her my “Featured Quilter” in a post but I decided on it as these boxes are just absolutely adorable and her grand-daughter is going to love this Easter gift from her loving Granny.  I bet you’ll fall in love with them too!


Aren’t these amazing?   All those gorgeous pastels!!  Linda wrote up her own tutorial for the class she taught and she gave the measurements for the various boxes.


She shared the sizes of the quilted squares and how much of a dart she took for each one.  I’m going to share Linda’s tutorial and the various sizes she used to make her stacking baskets.  She gave credit to and my blog as she saw the fabric box on one of my Friday Finds.  Here’s Linda’s version of the Fabric Bowl (box) tutorial.  Thanks to Linda for these simple instructions with great dimensional details.

                                                   Fabric Bowl Tutorial by Linda Payne

You will need:

(2) squares of fabric, between 8″ and 12″ (Her large sample is 12″ square.)

A piece of batting the same size as the fabric or a little bigger.

A walking foot, if you have one.

Step 1.  Layer the fabric, right sides together, on top of the batting.

Step 2. Stitch 1/4″ seam around perimeter, leaving an opening of about 4″ on one side.

Step 3.  Trim corners.  Trim batting to reduce bulk, if desired.

Step 4.  Turn right side out and press.

Step 5.  Stitch around edge, catching opening in edge stitching.

Step 6.  Quilt as desired.  Linda stitched concentric squares.

Step 7.  Fold the quilted square in half diagonally, right side out.  Mark a 2 1/2″ triangle in the corners at the fold.  Stitch the two bottom corners.

IMG_5583Step 8.  Open it up and fold in other direction, marking and stitching remaining 2 corners.

Step 9.  Tack corners down if desired.

To Make the Nesting Bowls:

Make each square 1″ to 2″ smaller and darts 1/8″ to 1/4″ shorter.  Linda did the following sizes, measuring from tip of fold across the top edges and dart was measured right angle down.

8″ square with 2″ dart

9″ square with 2 1/8″ dart

10″ square with 2 1/4″ dart

11″ square with 2 3/8″ dart

11 3/4″ square with 2 1/2″ dart

12 1/2″ square with 2 1/2″ dart


I hope you enjoyed Linda’s tutorial and can’t you just see her grand-daughter sorting things and putting her playthings in these boxes?

I also wanted to say that Linda was the instigator for the Monday night “Make and Take” sessions that have been happening each week this winter in our Clubhouse.  Linda taught a large number of these sessions herself, with many of the ideas she found in my Friday Finds posts.  I’m pleased that she could put them to use teaching others the enjoyment and sense of accomplishment that comes from making something.

Thank you, dear Linda, for the contents of this post and being my first Featured Quilter.