I’m driving my husband crazy!   We have plans to go to Montpelier today to visit some RV dealers.  There are a few used fifth wheel trailers (RVs) that we want to look at.  We are considering the idea of buying a second one; one to leave in New England and one to leave in the South.  He wants to stop for breakfast on the way, of course.  He’s hungry so he’s ready to go.

Yes, I knew we were going to go yesterday.  Yes, I could have done this yesterday.  BUT I didn’t.   I wanted to look up some notes I had bookmarked on how to figure out how much fabric is needed for the triangles you need when you put your quilt “on point”.  Simply, for those of you who are crossing your eyes and trying to figure out another quilt term (Yes, I know there are some of you who don’t quilt but love to read my blog and I’m happy you’re still hanging in here.)  I will say it’s turning your square (block) so it looks like a diamond.   In quilt language, that’s “on point”.

I’m planning to make a bed runner with the “Spinning Flower” blocks I got in the last Threadbias Bee. There aren’t really enough to make another quilt and I don’t really need another quilt myself but I don’t want to give away the blocks others made for me so I’m making a bed runner.  It will look great on the bed when I have the electric blanket on and no quilt or comforter on the bed.


I think I might have one block in there twice.   Anyway, those are blocks I received in the last Bee and what I will use for the bed runner.  I am going to put a yellow with blue print as the alternates if I can find one.   I hope to find it today as we are going to Montpelier.  There must be quilt shops along the way or in Montpelier.  I’ve never looked before but if we’re going up there, I’m going to be researching it as we go you can be sure.

I want to get this done before I think about starting the new project of putting my new TB blocks together with my Snail’s Trail blocks.  I really am trying to finish up outstanding projects, WIPs.

I ‘ve got my paperwork printed out.  I found the information of figuring out what size triangles I need over at Quiltville HERE so I’ll take that with me so I can do the figuring as he drives.  It was worth the wait and now, I’m off!  Wish me luck!