Have you ever heard of, or seen, a “Mini Classic” sewing machine?   I have.  I took a photo yesterday but it was through the window of a shop and you can see more of my reflection than you can the sewing machine so I apologize.


This “Mini” looks like a Singer Featherweight, right down to the black box it comes in.   I’ve looked up some information about it but even that has discrepancies.  One person said it was made in China; someone else on the Quilt Board say it was made in California.  Both agree they were made around 1980 so it’s old but not an antique.

I found that one was purchased from eBay several years ago for a little over $100.   That’s quite a difference from the Featherweights.

This Mini Classic is going to be in an auction held nearby on Wednesday night.   I, of course, want to learn all I can about it and I’m planning to go to the preview in the late afternoon so I can look it over.   The biggest thing I’d like to learn is if the parts for the Featherweight will fit on the Mini Classic.  I imagine a machine whose manufacturer went out of business could be difficult to get parts for.  If the Featherweight parts fit, that would make it worth more to me.

I don’t think I’ll buy it as I have read a little online and they say it doesn’t sew well.  He knows I’ve wanted a Featherweight for quite a long time and he’s not sure I should get this instead.  Neither am I but I want to check it out just the same.   It’s in great shape from the look of it.  There’s little wear on the machine that I could see through the window.  Now if I could get it for $25 or even less, I’d take it just to give it a try.

If you have a Mini or know more about them, I’d love to hear what you think.