The Vermont Quilt Festival’s wonderful quilts have inspired me.  I’ve been working on machine quilting my Carol Doak  BOM Mystery Quilt from a year (or two) ago.  I have had it all in one piece for a long time and just didn’t get around to sandwiching it together.  I did that in May before I left the Plantation where I had plenty of room to spread out.  (Actually I sandwiched three quilts there in May.)

I pulled it out today and have started quilting it.  I’m trying to teach myself that I don’t have to do all the quilting in one day like I normally do.  I’m not hurrying through the process and I’m happy so far with the results.   I want to do lots more quilting on it but what I’ve done so far is making me happy.  So far, I’ve just used the walking foot to get some uniform rows and to outline blocks.




I’m thinking the stitching doesn’t really show up all that well.  It’s probably because I’m indoors under artificial light.  I’ll try to get outdoor shots before my next progress report.   My biggest challenge is deciding what designs I’m going to FMQ and WHERE.  Do I FMQ only in the white area or do I FMQ both light and dark areas?   There’s certainly plenty of opportunities for lots of FMQ.



One premise of this quilt was to use only two colors or two fabrics that “read” as two colors.   I used the white/green polka dot which reads “white” and the batik which mainly reads “green” although it has other colors within the batik.

I’m sure that the Two-Color Quilt Challenge that was part of the VQF is what inspired me to start quilting this Carol Doak quilt.

Here are a very few of the two-color quilts I saw Saturday.

IMG_8058 (640x480)Who doesn’t love a red and white quilt?

This one is called Red & White Quilt by Carol A. Miller.  Ms. Miller stated that it took her two years to make the quilt and she used the leftovers to make the binding.  There are 364 blocks in the quilt.

IMG_8059 (640x480)It was machine quilted by Concessa Shearer.

Here’s another two c0lor quilt, red and white.  This one, by Maureen Blanchard of Townsend, Massachusetts is called “Ring Around the Rosey”.  It’s made up of 230 hexagon flowers.  The hexagons are 1/2″ hexagons!

IMG_8061 (640x480)


Another two-color quilt, but not in red and white this time.  It’s an original design called “My Jubilee” by Regan Martin to celebrate becoming 50.

IMG_8146 (640x480)


IMG_8147 (640x480)There were a few two-sided quilts and “My Jubilee” was one of them.  The back is an answer to a questions posed on an I-95 overpass.  The question is “What will set you free?”  Her response on the back of the quilt says:


IMG_8145 (640x480)

I think it’s really cool when someone decides to make a two-sided quilt.   I’ve made backs out of pieces of leftover fabrics from the quilt but I have yet to make a back that is equally as interesting as the front.

I hope you enjoyed this post.   Have you ever done a two-color quilt?