Are you familiar with this?   Lindsey Rhodes came up with this way of getting we makers to focus on the independent pattern designers.  It’s so easy these days to find free patterns on the Internet and I confess to getting many of them myself.   However, independent pattern designers (who also might give away a free pattern now and then) depend on people purchasing their patterns directly from the designers.

I just recently purchased the Necessary Clutch pattern and got the free download which is so much faster than making a trip to a quilt shop in hopes they will have it!    I’d love to purchase one indie pattern a week but truthfully, it’s more realistic for me to say I will plan to purchase at least one or two more indie patterns during the month of May.  How about YOU?  Go HERE to learn more about May is for Makers Month.

Let’s be more conscious of the need to support independent pattern designers just as we all are trying to be more mindful of supporting small independent quilt shops so we can be sure they stay in business.

(I’m back in Vermont and trying to get unpacked and up and running.  We arrived with no working electricity in the RV.  The mice were especially active this winter due to the lack of snow cover and they must have had a field day gnawing on our wiring!   I’m so fortunate my husband is practical, creative and a fixer.  We’ll have it back to normal before too many days go by.  If it would stop raining, it would be more likely to get completed.   Yes, it seems to rain the first week we return to Vermont each year.  Raw and rainy, that’s our weather report for today. )

My sewing machines are still in the truck, unpacked until we get the electricity they way it will stay.  I’m doing hand projects when I get to sit down to rest.

Hope you are all enjoying some sewing time and being creatives, or makers, or just plain stitchers.