Are you counting down to Christmas?  Is your list of gifts to make longer than the number of days left until Christmas?  I’m not going to add to your stress by telling you how many days are left until Christmas.  You can find that somewhere else!

I haven’t counted myself, but I could easily if I wanted to know.  I know I have plenty of time because I personally don’t shop for that many people any more.  I am working on several handmade gifts but not so many that I’m terrified of how many days are left.  I try not to stress myself out that way.  My motto is:  Life’s too short.

However, I know you are waiting for the Friday Finds, hoping that perhaps there’s something on that short list that will perhaps be the answer to the one person on your list you haven’t shopped or sewn for.  I can’t promise you that, but I can promise you I’ve found some really interesting tutorials again this week.  Let’s get started!

1.  Katie over at Katie’s Quilting Corner showed how to print directly on fusible web.  I thought this was a great tip.  It saves tracing over the designs you want, or the letters in the case of my LEGO Star Wars Quilt!!!  Unfortunately it came too late for me, but I hope it helps you save some valuable time.  Check out Katie’s idea HERE.

Tutorial - printing onto fusible web for machine applique

2.  Some of us like to make Christmas decorative items that our recipients can display year after year, an heirloom if you will.  I found this lovely 10″ block pattern some time ago and I’ve been saving it for when I was in the Christmas decorating mood.  I think it will make up as a lovely table runner, hot pad, place mat, Christmas quilt.  You give it a go and see what you can come up with.  Thanks for FlossyBossy for this neat pattern.

You will find the photo HERE and then it will tell you where to go to get the pattern and tutorials.

3.  Are you looking for THE ornament to give to a special friend or put in an ornament swap?  I’ve had my eye on this Fabric Star Ornament tute for quite some time.  I had to wait until I got back here to my Christmas ‘stash’ I left here when I went north in the Spring. Now I’m here, the fabric is here and it just might be time to make this baby.  I just noticed she didn’t even use Christmas fabrics and they are still awesome.  I know someone I’d love to send a Christmas star; well, maybe a FEW people.  You will find the tutorial HERE.  Maybe my quilt guild would like to try these together!

4.  What about a fabric box, with handles, to deliver a Christmas gift in?  I love the idea of giving a gift inside something that can be used over and over again throughout the year, or even every Christmas if you choose Christmas fabric.  I found this tutorial at HERE.  The photos make this tutorial easy to follow.  P.S.  There’s also a Christmas Tree Wall-hanging pattern available at CraftyLaine!

Bonus:  You don’t want straps/handles?  How about this fabric “box”?  I hope you like one or the other, or even better, both!  This second box comes to you from Quilty Cat, Quilty Cat blog HERE.


5.  Have you made microwaveable bowls yet?  I know I blogged about these before but wouldn’t they make awesome gifts for your Christmas list?  I think I might have to actually make them this time around as I still don’t have any of them myself and I want some!  I found them HERE at Tamarack Shack.  I think a set of three like these below would be welcomed by anyone who enters the kitchen.


Sometimes, for me anyway, it’s the smaller projects I just never get around to!  I am making myself a promise to make this set of three, for me!  And maybe, for others!


I hope you found something here you could use.  I do have one more gift idea you might be interested in as I know a lot of you have dogs or are related-by-love to another person’s dog.  This dog bed looks so cozy.  This tutorial is for a REMOVABLE dog bed cover.  It’s a great idea for all dogs.  I hope you like this tutorial from 627 Handworks HERE.  Her instructions say it makes a 28″x36″ removable cover.

Boutique Bones 627handworks (32)

Happy Stitching….and shopping, you Christmas Elves!