Another Friday Finds!   I wonder how many of you visit FF over your first cup of coffee in the morning?  I’ve been told by some of you that that is how you start your day and I’m humbled by the thought of anyone wanting to start out their day reading what I wrote!  Knowing that, I do try to make Friday Finds something that can excite you about stitching, about being creative and about making something whether it be for yourself or for others.

I hope I have found some Finds that do just that.  I have many creative bloggers to thank for the variety of tutorials I pass on to you.  Sure, I write a tutorial occasionally but having so many others who also write tutorials make it possible for me to do this every week and I think them all.  I hope you jump over to their blog when you find a link you like to see what else they have going on at their location.   I often find other things I like more than the link that took me there in the first place.  Do you?

Let’s get started.

1.  Tired of stretching out your leg to draw your sewing machine foot back toward you?   Here’s an easy Non Slip Sewing Machine Foot Pedal Pad that won’t even take you long to make; but it might make your stitching easier.  I found this great tutorial HERE at So Sew Easy. Thank you Deby!


Sew a non-slip sewing machine foot pedal pad - a genius idea to stop the foot pedal slipping away from you.  I'm on it!

2.  Sometime ago, someone asked me if what I had done was a ‘spirograph design’.  I really didn’t know why they were asking that particular question.  I know what a spirograph is, for sure, but I couldn’t figure out how it related to what I had done.  This week I found THIS post about Spirograph Quilting.  Now I know what they were asking.  It’s pretty cool and I thank Amanda from The Cozy Pumpkin for sharing this with us.


3.  If you’ve been reading along this week, you know I’ve been busy making fabric baskets.  I needed a thread catcher because I left mine in Florida, along with a few other things I actually thought I had packed!  I checked on my Pinterest Board and found the thread catcher I wanted to make.  HERE is the tutorial I followed to make mine.  this is mine. Cute, right?  I showed you the quarter beside it so you can see that it turned out very cute and very small!

IMG_3169It’s a perfect thread catcher and folds flat when you want to tuck it away to take to classes with you.  Karen tells you to use equilateral triangles and ‘any size will do but don’t make it too small”.   I started with two 8″ equilateral triangles and I will say next time I think I’ll do 12″ at least!

Wondering if you remember high school geometry and still know what an equilateral triangle is?  You do, it’s a triangle with three equal length sides. It also happens to have 60 degree angles so that might help if you don’t happen to have a triangle ruler with you.  I don’t.  I drew a line the length I wanted the lines, 8″.  Then I found the mid point, 4″ and drew a line straight up.  Next I drew an 8″ line from the end point of my first line on a diagonal so that the 8″ mark fell on the straight line I had drawn.  Then did it from the other side, the end of my first line.  It works in a pinch, if you don’t have a triangle ruler large enough for your purpose.

You can also find a tutorial for this same thread catcher HERE on Needling Things.  She shows you how to make the triangle the same way I did!

4. Here’s a Tote Bag tutorial for you stitchers who take all your gear to classes and retreats.  It provides a way to transport your rulers, mats and pressing boards in one lovely tote.  HERE is where I found the tutorial at Quilt Fabrication by Susan.  You’ll love the fact that she used a UFO (unfinished object) to make this tote!

5.  I saw a lovely table runner HERE at Studio 180 Design.  I thought you’d enjoy seeing this tutorial.  This is actually the layouts for the Shaded Four Patch Tablerunner design.  There’s no tutorial but I think you can figure it out.

No photo available.

Now to the FREE quilt patterns this week.

1.  Patchwork Death Star Quilt Pattern –  Isn’t this the neatest thing?  I know a boy, or two…varying ages…that would be tickled with this quilt.  I had to share it with you when I found it on Melinda’s blog Quirky Granola Girl HERE.

The pattern is posted to my blog. Link in my profile. Please please tag it #patchworkdeathstar.  I'd love to see it.

2.  Summer Cheer Quilt seems appropriate as we head toward those summer months.  I found this HERE at Sew Caroline.

Summer Cheer Free Quilt Pattern

I love the row effect and the scrappiness.  Summer fun!!

3.  Thinking of summer makes me think of Salt Water Taffy.   Yum!! I still enjoy getting a few pieces when we’re near the bowling alley in Boothbay Harbor.  The candy shop is right along the walk there and they make salt water taffy…and many other yummy candies!!! This is a quilt though, a Moda Bake Shop quilt feature of the week HERE. The design is by Crystal Hendrix and she shows and boy AND a girl’s version of this quilt.  Love it!


4.  This is a modern quilt pattern with the very simple name “Modern Quilt”.  I hope you like it.  It was designed by Michele Mishler for Janome. I found it HERE.

5.  Scrappy Triangles is the next quilt.  I found it HERE at Film in the Fridge.  She doesn’t give you fabric amounts because it’s a scrappy quilt.  She gives a tutorial on  making the block and you go from there, making it the size that you want.

I hope you enjoyed the free patterns and the great tutorials today.   I try to give a variety for the many people who read my blog don’t all love the same thing.  If it’s a good day, I had one here for YOU.  If not, come back next week and maybe I’ll have one just calling your name!

Happy Weekend!