We start off March with a wonderful selection of “Finds”, tutorials written by talented bloggers.  Some ask me how I find these tutorials, and so many constantly good, tutorials.  It’s not difficult but it does take some time.  I, however, love browsing around the Blogosphere and it’s no hardship for me to look for good “Finds” to share.  I have to admit that I haunt Pinterest as well.   There’s a plethora of amazingly creative people, not just women either, out in the World Wide Web!   I send my thanks to those many wonderful people who share their tutorials so generously.

1.  Today’s first tutorial is for one of the cutest playthings for children.  It’s called the Moda Flats House.  Designed by Angela Yosten, it’s a sweet bag shaped like a house that folds flat when not in use but when opened it is an adorable house which allows hours of imaginative play.   You can follow along with the tutorial HERE.  This could be decorated to be a barn with lots of farm accessories for boys too!

2.  Looking for a easy-to-do quilt pattern with a unique feature?   I think I found it for you!   This “strip tube ruler” quilt stopped me at first because I don’t own that particular ruler.  Then I found this tutorial.  You don’t need a special ruler, only one with hjorizontal lines on it.   This is a unique quilt and looks a lot more complex than it is.  Read through the entire tutorial HERE and even check out the YouTube video she mentioned she learned from.  It’s a cool quilt tutorial!

Right Turn Only quilt with tutorial!

3.  Pillowcases.   Most of us sewists are familiar with the One Million Pillowcases movement through APQ.   Here’s another tutorial that makes creating a pillowcase as simple as 1,2,3.   This is called the Pretty Quick Pillowcase Tutorial created by Film in the Fridge blog found HERE.  It encompasses the skilll-building technique of French seams as you create this lovely pillowcase.


4.  Needle-turn applique.  Do those words scare you silly?   Have you given it a chance and feel you didn’t cut it?  Here’s a Needle-Turn Applique Tutorial from The Elven Garden blog that might put an end to those needless fears and make you feel confident to give it a go.   You can find it HERE.

5.  Do you own a laptop that you carry to work, to the library, on vacation?  Do you worry about it getting scratched up or being dropped?  HERE is a lovely Bohemian Tassel Laptop Tote tutorial from Me Sew Crazy blog that will take you step-by-step through the steps to creating this lovely tote.

Bohemian Tassel Computer Tote DIY


Now for a few choice quilt patterns, FREE of course!

1.  Superior Thread has this wonderful Free pattern HERE called “Gypsy”.  You will download the pattern from this link.  I think you’ll love it!


2.  This FREE quilt pattern is called “Diamond Star Halo” and you can download it HERE.  It’s actually a tutorial with the pattern explained through the tutorial.

I hope you find these tutorials and free patterns worth your time.   I think they are all outstanding and can’t wait to find time to make them!

It won’t be today.  I’m leaving earlythis morning for Lakeland, Florida to attend the Original Quilting and Sewing Exposition.  I haven’t been for a couple of years and I have missed several quilt shows locally due to other commitments so I’m ready for some eye candy – in person – and it never hurts to visit the vendor booths!  Well, maybe it bothers the pocketbook a little bit, but only for a while.

Have a wonderful weekend!