Another week into summer.  Is school out where you live?  It’s out next week here and we are looking forward to some time with the grandson.  He’s so busy with studies and lacrosse and church activities and things don’t really  cool down all that much for summer as he has a number of camps, etc. but we do get him for five days in two weeks and we’re all looking forward to that.

I wonder, is summer a time for more sewing or less sewing for you? I like to spend time outside when it’s nice but I also enjoy my sewing time.  Our work days are Wed, Thursday, Friday and Saturday so I do more of my sewing on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday as you might have figured out from seeing my projects on here.  I think I sew equally as much in the summer as in the winter but for those of you with children, perhaps you sew a bit less in summer?

I hope you all get time to pick out some of today’s offerings for your summertime sewing.   All the bloggers who keep on blogging, and creating and sharing keep us pretty busy, don’t they!   I was happy to try several of the recent Finds in the last week or so and now let’s see what we might get working on this week.

1.  Let’s start with a tote for those bag ladies among us.   I found this one, the Multi Pocket Urban Tote, HERE at bagntell.   I’m wondering if it’s something my SIL could use when he goes about town meeting with his clients.  It has various sized pockets and room for cellphone, laptop and wallet.  It can be carried in your hands, over the shoulder or even across your chest.  It looks so useful and so ‘professional”.

2.  Our grandson loves to read and he has always been enamored with books.  That sure has made this grandma happy over the years.   When he was small he had a little bookcase but I love the idea of these Hanging Book Slings that I found HERE.   They’re cute and SO SEW useful.  They’d be a welcome to any nursery or child’s room.  I’m thinking these could even be useful in the RV, maybe near the bed where there aren’t many shelves or storage units.

How to make book slings

3.  Purse handles can be expensive.  HERE is a tutorial on making adjustable purse handles of fabric or webbing with some hardware required (of course).  I think this is a use skill-building tutorial and hope you think so too.

4.  Looking for a new quilt block?  HERE is a tutorial for a block called “Domino”.  I think it has lots of possibilities!  This tutorial should help you add another new block to your repertoire.

Domino Quilt Block Tutorial

5.  Do you use folding chairs for extra company? Do you keep them hidden away between company visits because you think they are ugly?  Maybe this tutorial will solve that problem for you.  HERE is a tutorial on making over your folding chairs.  I think they look very presentable when the makeover is complete.

I hope you found something this week that is urging you to sit down at the sewing machine and stitch away.  I have five fabulous FREE quilt patterns too so keep on scrolling down the page.

FREE Quilt Patterns    –    Please be aware that not all manufacturers allow sharing of their pattern photos.  It’s only a click away when you click the FREE button below to see the actual pattern if I don’t have a photo to share.

1.  This first FREE pattern is for a scrappy quilt called “Hatchet Quilt”.   Due to the scrappy nature, no fabric amounts are listed but there is a great pattern for this quilt.  She has simplified the process of making this lovely quilt.

2.  Here is another FREE scrappy quilt pattern along with a  tutorial.  This is a Scrappy Irish Chain and it is really lovely.

3.  Heirloom Quilt Tutorial

This FREE quilt tutorial is for a lovely pattern called Heirloom. The tutorial and pattern are here for free, but if you love that fabric she used, you can purchase a kit.

4.  This next quilt is called The Baby Shower Quilt and comes with a tutorial.  It is FREE and I hope you like it.  I think you are going to have to love half square triangles to love this quilt but I love the look of it so much.

5.  This FREE quilt pattern is called Shieldmaiden after the designer’s favorite character on a show.  The designer called this a “flowering snowball” pattern that she designed herself.  When you click on the FREE word it will take you right to a downloadable PDF.

Many thanks to all the bloggers, designers really, who came up with these great projects.   It is only through the act of kindness and generosity that we are able to find so many FREE patterns to use.  Thank you all.

Let me know, if you want, which thing you liked best here today OR what kind of thing you are looking for.  I might be able to come up with it for you!

Keep calm and carry on (stitching).