Well over 500 people stopped by to see my pincushion features yesterday during my stop on the Pin It Blog Hop.  How exciting to have so many!  I received very nice comments on my pinnies, and it seems the VW bus was a big hit!   I’ve been asked for a pattern and since it was my own creation, a true original, I will try to get a pattern drawn up and offer it to all of you interested.

If you are looking for the list of today’s featured blogs in the Pin-It Blog Hop, here it is.  Keep reading, and you come to my Five Fabulous Finds, a regular feature here on QuilterinMotion every Friday.
















Even with all the excitement of the Pin It Blog Hop, I know my faithful readers will be looking for the Friday Finds.  I wouldn’t think of skipping it.  I have Five Fabulous Finds for you, as always.   Let’s see what’s listed today, shall we?

1.  How many of you do some canning or at least some jam and jelly making?  I do, but not always in the Fall.  Now that I go South for the winter, I can make jam at different times of the year.  If you’ve read for a while, you know I made Satsuma Marmalade last winter.  For anyone who loves the idea of lots of jars of homemade jams on your shelf, this Find is for you!!   How about a small quilt of jam jars?  I found this HERE.  Scroll down, check out all her tutorials, and you will come to the Jar Shelf pattern.  It is paper-piecing, my friends.  This is a Shape Moth tutorial and photo.

2.  Do you like to take your very own favorite teabag with you when visiting a friend, or dining out?   Here’s a wonderful tea wallet tutorial that I have used several times.  With a few teabags, and some sugar (substitutes, maybe) packets, they make great little gifts to tuck into a package for a tea lover.   You can find out how to make this tea wallet over HERE in the tutorial section.  The design and this photo are owned by mamabird3.

3.  This tutorial Find was sent to my by one of my quilting buddies, and faithful readers.  She thought I would enjoy these darlings and I think you will too.  Thank you, Barb. L, for your input.  This tutorial is for little cottage ornaments which could double as pincushions.  I hope you enjoy it.  You can find them HERE.  Thanks to Retro-Mama for her tutorial and her photo.

Home for the Holidays: free fabric house tutorial by Retro Mama

Have you noticed I’m sort of hung up on small projects this week?   I am in the middle of several small projects and can’t seem to focus on the idea of another big quilt right yet.  I promise to find some great quilt patterns for the future, though!

4.  I found the most adorable apron pattern.  It’s so much more than “just an apron”.  Dresden plates…..she’s using Dresden plates for pockets on this apron.  So adorable!!!!  I hope you like it too.  You can find it HERE. Thanks to Riley Blake Designs Blog for the pattern and photo.  Thanks to Maureen Cracknell for this beautiful apron.

Dresden Pocket Half Apron

5.  How do you fold your quilt?  Do you re-fold it often to avoid creases remaining in your quilt?   Do you roll yours instead of folding?  I came across this blog post sharing a way to fold your quilt to keep it firm, not floppy, and also gives you a place to tuck a card it for gift-giving.  Thanks to Julie Hirt for her very nice photographic “how to” and for this photo.  You can find out how to do this fold HERE.

Tucked Quilt Fold (10)

That’s it for today, Readers.  My fingers are tired from all those flowers and words on the VW bus!!  I’m going to have to get things going here this next week.  I have several quilt blocks I want to make (and need to make) and some ones I just want to play with for the fun of it.  This is all supposed to be about having fun, you know!  The by-products are just big!


Happy Stitching, one and all.