When you are reading this, I’ll be back to work at the State Park in Vermont, happy to be in our summer digs!   I can get back to quilting and most importantly, active grand-parenting!!!!  And parenting, of course, in a “I’ve got your back” kind of way; minimal interference has always been my motto, learned from a wonderful mother-in-law who always was there when needed but never told us what we should be doing unless we asked.

For our Friday Finds, I have a some goodies for you.   I think you will enjoy them!

1.  You will know, if you’ve been reading the blog regularly, that I’ve become quite enamored with wool applique.  I have made a new friend over at Threadbias who does other things with wool.  She directed me to Purlbee to see a beautiful felted woold quillow I wanted to share with you.  You will find it here.   This picture shows it folded into a pillow; it’s also a quilt.  Check out the how-tos.  It’s lovely!


There’s a Quiltmaker’s 100 Block Blog Hop for Volume 7 going on presently. You know I’ve been traveling and am a little out of the loop so thanks so to Barb L. for the update.    I’m going to check it out soon.  Here’s where you will find Day One of the Blog Hop.

2.  I wanted to share this “Blooming Hearts” tutorial from an earlier Quiltmaker Blog Hop, Volume #5.  The tutorial is over here at Quilted Cora.  What a gorgeous bed runner it makes!

3.  Now that I have a Kindle, thanks to a gift from a dear friend, I am more interested in carriers, etc. for these type of items.  I saw this tutorial quite some time ago, but I”m not sure I ever shared it with you.  If I have already shared it, please forgive me.  It’s getting hard to remember which ones I’ve shown!!  Today’s is a tablet stand, suitable I would think for everything from an iPod to a small e-machine.   I think it’s so cute and a good idea, if you want a hands-free feature.  Check here to find the tutorial given by from Pixels to Patchwork.

4.  Do you keep a supply of 2 1/2″ strips at all times?  I do have some, but not as many as Luann has over at Loose Threads!   I admire the Leftovers Quilt she made using some of her many strips and I thought you might like it too.  You can find the tutorial here.

5.  Are you familiar with Quilting on the Square?   It’s a great resource for quilt blocks. Quilting on the Square is just starting another free Design of the Month, called Flowers All Around.  This first free one is called “Spike Your English”.   It’s explained as a combination of English Paper Piecing and Foundation Paper Piecing.  It sounds intriguing to me so I”m using this as #5 on the Friday Finds this week.   Check here to learn about this Design of the Month program and perhaps you’ll want to join in.  This first one is definitely a WOW!

That’s it for today.  I’ll be ‘back in the saddle’ soon and will have some WIPs and, hopefully, some Finished Projects to share!

Happy Stitching!