There are so many great finds out there in Blogland; however, it can take a lot of time to find them.  I thought I might devote my Friday posts to sharing some I’ve already found so you can spend less time searching and more time sewing.  I hope you like this feature.  Your comments will tell me is this is something you are interested in seeing on a somewhat regular, weekly basis.  Let me know!  Sorry, I had to update as there were a few issues with the links.  My program threw in a few extra http:// and it goes screwy!!! Sorry for the inconvenience.  I have my fingers crossed that I have fixed the problem. 

First off, a pie/cake carrier pattern.  Actually, this site has SEW much more but I wanted to tell you about these casserole carriers.  There are patterns available, free, for six different carriers like this pie/cake carrier here.  Check it out and be the center of attention at your next potluck supper.

Casserole and Pie Carrier

Connecting Threads has a cotton thread sale going on now until August 13th.  You can buy 1200-yd spools of Essential Cotton Thread for $1.79 each.  I’ve already ordered ten spools and may order more before the sale ends.  Check it out here.   I am not being compensated by Connecting Threads (though I would like to be) in any way, shape or form.  I’m just passing on a good sale to my friends.

Cotton Thread Sets

How about these tiny wool pincushions?  They can be purchased on but I also think we could figure it out.  She puts a pin on the back of the pincushion to attach to her clothes, car visor, etc.  Cute!

How about a recipe for making a brown sugar scrub?  Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

There are so many people carrying around e-readers these days.  I’m still not a user, but who knows?  Maybe someday.  Here’s a tutorial to make a cover for the Kindle.

How about a darling little zipper pouch?  This is a nice tutorial.



Lastly, there is another great Blog Hop starting on Monday. I’m passing on this one as far as an active roll goes, but I’m going to be hopping right along with many other people.  I’m sure I’ll get some great Christmas gift ideas.  You can find the schedule here anytime between July 30 and August 3rd.  It’s August 5th now!  They have over 70 talented bloggers sharing their quilt blocks.  Be sure to make time to check them out!

That’s it for this Friday.  Be sure to tell me if you like this idea for my Friday Finds.  Also, if you have a tutorial you want me to share next Friday, or a later Friday, send me an email (see Contact Me at the top of the page) and I’d be happy to share it with my readers.

Happy Stitching,