After several weeks of working with my admin off and on, we’ve determined that all is not well with this blog.   While trying to resolve the problem with my not being able to add photos, another problem came along.  Images are apparently no longer available in past blogposts.  EEEK!!!

We can’t seem to find the issue and my admin is even having trouble getting around on the platform as he used to do. That being said, I have decided to end the blog.   I hate at admit that; I’ve had so much fun writing these past five years and meeting you all has been so wonderful for me.  YOU are my community.

I’m going to explore a few opportunities, like do I start a new blog?   Do I start a newsletter? Do I stick to Instagram which is what a lot of people are doing now?    I know many of you do not use Instagram but I recommend you get on the bandwagon.   Instagram is a format where you share photos…that means I would get to see your projects not just share mine.  That would be so cool for me.   You can be ‘on Instagram’ and never post a photo but look around at anyone else’s photos.    You create a name.  I used @quilterinmotion, of course.   You search around the site and see all kinds of things, like recipes, completed items and even family adventures.  You don’t have to write long posts; in fact you should only write short sentences.   The biggest thing is you write hashtags which are just subjects so people will find your post.    #quilting, #quilt, #secretpals, #familytreasures        Those are samples.  You can write as many or as few.

I am looking into newsletters but not sure yet if that’s where I want to head.  I have your email addresses so when I do decide what I’m going to do going forward, beside Instagram, I will send it to you via email.   You can then ‘subscribe’ or ‘unsubscribe’ as you wish,


Thank you for all the years of following me, for all the comments, for the friendships and support during my time of surgery and then in the story of my son-in-law’s difficulties.  You’ve been great.   I’m going to miss you!