I have to say I have not had much “down” time since we arrived in Florida!   We backed into our lot just in time to go to the 25th anniversary party of the Park.  It also happened to be Valentine’s Day so it was a Red celebration.   Birthday cake and ice cream plus words from the remaining original members who built the park from a cow pasture 25 years ago, in 1989.   I believe there are still twelve of them alive and still members in the park.  Some are still alive but have left the park to be home closer to their families as they reach an age where they need more help.  Pretty impressive!  Their stories were so interesting.

After the party, we had some quick hellos and hugs from friends and then we rushed back to get our RV all set up before dark fell.  Saturday morning I was able to squeeze in some stitching time as I do have February quilting commitments to complete, like the Sugar Cube QAL, the In the Garden PP QAL and the Pillow Pop Sew Along.  I got the Sugar Cube block done. If you are interested in joining but haven’t yet, you can find the information right HERE.  It’s not to late to join.  This is only the second block.   You might remember I chose black, white, gray and yellow for my Sugar Cube blocks so here’s my block for February.  The block is called “Mercy”February Mercy .

Yesterday, while finishing up “Mercy”, friends dropped in to catch up since our meeting each other in October.  We talked a bit about what’s happening here in the park and what we’ve all been doing.  We talked about cold and ice/snow; they talked about swimming with the manatees in the Crystal River and kayaking.  I must say I like the manatee/kayaking scenario better.

It’s funny, it’s only Sunday and I can’t for the life of me remember what we did yesterday afternoon.  I think it was probably mid-afternoon before our friends went home to get dressed for last night so maybe we just vegged for a while.  Then it was off again to the Clubhouse for a fantastic Spaghetti supper and then a dance.

As DH said to our daughter, it was LATE when we got home.  I will clarify that for all of you, it was 8:45.  Of course we had been there since 4:30 so I suppose it did seem late to him.  We watched some Olympics coverage, I played a bit of Crazy Quilt Solitaire and then it was bedtime.  Crazy Quilt Solitaire is infuriating!  I haven’t won one game yet!!!

Today we met our friends for a late breakfast/lunch (Can you tell we haven’t done much but EAT all weekend?) and then we had grocery shopping and I did some collating of papers.  I’ve taken all the annual meeting reports since 1989 when this park was incorporated to the present and I’ve been putting them in chronological order.  I rescued them from one of the original members who is living the park for health reasons.  She was going to put them in the recyling bin to be forever lost when I heard about it and went to her asking if I could have them.  I’m curious about the early days of this park, our home park, and decided I might just scan them all into the computer and save them for posterity.  Sometime along the way, someone is going to want to know something that occurred at an annual meeting and I”m going to be able to pull those reports us and come up with the answer.  DH has taken me calling the Park Historian.  Thankfully, that is NOT an official title.  He’s also calling me the Bingo Queen because I volunteered to take over organizing/running the Bingo games when we are here next winter.  It’s only two night a week, Wednesday and Sunday.  The current “Bingo Queen” is leaving the park as her hubby’s Parkinson’s Disease is getting to the point where she can’t manage him alone.  My biggest problem is figuring out how to see “Downton Abbey”.  Thankfully, PBS airs it on their website within a day or so after the show is seen on TV.

Now don’t the fact that two members are leaving worry you or let you think the Park is shrinking.  There is a waiting list to get into this Park.  We were on the Waiting List for 8 years before we finally became members three years ago.  It’s a matter of attrition so as each older member leaves, their lot is taken by those on the waiting list.  It’s a very viable park and getting busier every year as new, younger members arrive and get involved.  It’s an exciting time to be involved.

I will figure out how to find quilting time….somehow, this week.  The annual meeting is tomorrow but as soon as it’s over I’m going to start working on my Pillow Pop Sew Along.  This month’s pillows are a Chevrons pillow and a “X and O” pillow.  I know I’m going to the Chevron for certain and we will see how time allows as far as the second one.  My commitment only requires make one per month.

Whew, I’m tired but it’s just about time to go get Bingo Queen training.  Hehe.  I’m not much of a Bingo player but I don’t have to be to take people’s money, find a caller for each game, and sell cards and those ink “thingies”.  I probably do need to learn what those are called!

Happy Living, everyone.