Welcome to my blog today.  I’m thrilled to have each of you here.  I hope you are enjoying the 4th of July weekend.   Weather here was less than best yesterday and I imagine many holiday parades, and fireworks were postponed.  We worked in the rain this morning and even though it was raining, our campers did arrive.   The park is full and we hope they all get some better weather in the next day or two.

It was an indoor afternoon for us after getting all wet working this morning.  I decided it was time to work on my Pillow Pop pillow for July.  I have had a 16″ pillow form waiting for a pillow cover so today I made a pillow for me.

Several years ago I made a quilt with blocks I created using only red, white and blue fabrics.  I participated in the Red, White and Blue Blog Hop with Madam Samm which was lots of fun and I made several blocks as a result of that Blog Hop and the great blocks people shared.  You can see many of my blocks HERE and I’ll put a photo of the quilt at the bottom of this post.  I even created a block for this quilt, a block I thought up myself, the Firecracker block.



For the Pillow Pop Quilt Along we had two choices and I chose “Crystallized”.  It is a pillow top made strictly of HSTs, half-square triangles.  There are about 50 of them in the pillow top.  I used the leftover fabrics from that red, white and blue blog hop to make the pillow top.


Then I pressed them and pieced them together in a pattern of red and white, blue and white.  It was the pattern in the Crystallized pillow.





IMG_8211I decided to offset the center block just for interest.  I also used red and blue thread when I quilted.  I did a blue thread quilting outside the red blocks and a red thread quilting outside the blue blocks.  Just having fun!

Here’s what the back looks like, complete with a hidden zipper.


That’s it, a finished pillow in one afternoon, and lots of small scrap pieces put to use!!  A win-win situation for me.

Here’s the Red, White and Blue quilt I made with all those fabrics.  I decided to give it to a Veteran in thanks for their service.  I couldn’t decide who I should give it to but finally decided to send it to my sister, Karen.  She was in the Air Force and I’m proud of her service.  I, also, had never made her a quilt so imagine her surprise when the quilt arrived on her doorstep one day, unannounced.


She cried, called me and said she was going to hang it up as she thought it was so pretty.   I’m happy she’s happy.



Have a wonderful day!