I have been busy with a variety of things over the past week so haven’t really had a chance to catch you all up on my doings.  First I want to tell you all that our son-in-law has made great strides in his recovery.  Once they woke him up after his long sleep (almost 50 days asleep), he began to make great progress.   He has been downgraded from Critical Care to Intensive Care, then quickly he jumped to regular status.  They kept him in the same room for those stages because he’s been suffering ICU Deliriums and they felt having familiar staff and familiar surroundings would help.

ICU Deliriums are not uncommon in people who have had near-death experiences and spent a long time in ICU.  You can Google it if you want and read some of the cases.   Dave’s seems to be mainly late in the day as he gets tired.  If he drops off to sleep, he may nod awake and make a statement totally out of context.  It is happening less and less each day, and we pray it will disappear soon.

Last Thursday Dave was moved to a regular room with the usual staff of nurses.  His room has a door that can be closed to shut out the noise of the floor with its constant talk and bells going off.  It is so much more restful.  He wasn’t sleeping much in the other section, so he’s catching up on real sleep.  He’s been out of his room in the wheelchair to see more of the hospital, mostly just a change of scenery.  They have even wheeled him outdoors once or twice to sniff fresh air.

Soon he will be moved to the Rehab Hospital about 5 miles from the house the family lives in.   It will be great to be able to buzz over there for a short visit and get Jack there after his basketball practices for a visit and still get home before bedtime.   Rehab is going to be a lot of hard work for Dave as he relearns life skills and standing, walking, bending over, etc.  Just about everything needs to be relearned after more than two months in bed.

Thanks for your inquiries and I apologize to anyone who tires of hearing about medical “stuff”.  My blog is a blog about my quilting life, but it’s also a blog about my family and our activities.  It’s about my cooking adventures, and I have a few of those for you today.  I have never advertised the blog as strictly about quilting and, in fact, many of you say you enjoy reading about life in an RV, and my activities besides my quilting.   It is what it is, and I hope you will continue to read along as this winter I have the adventure of living in snow and cold once again for the first time in fourteen years!!!!   I say that because today it is snowing.  I went out and swept the snow off the back steps and walkway this morning. There was over an inch of beautiful white, fluffy stuff and it is still coming down.



Now for what’s been finished!

I was able to get all my wonky stars stitched together and attached as the second border to the Oh Christmas Tree Stitch Along project.  It’s bigger than I thought it was going to be, about 48″x63″.    I haven’t thought much about backing and binding but I’m pretty sure they will just be scrappy, leftovers from the project.  With no stash here, I either use what is left over or I go out and buy something for the back.  Even though I bought 5 yards of batting this summer when our QQ ladies got together to purchase a whole roll, my 5 yards is at our son’s house, along with the RV and my stash.   I will be buying batting to finish it.  Hopefully I will get a coupon deal at JoAnn’s again for the batting.  Here is the finished top.



I really love it but won’t be keeping it.  I have no place to hang it to enjoy it and it’s not really meant to be a usable bed quilt.  I will be gifting it to a loved one.  I hope they will use it and enjoy it.

I also finished a little project.  I wanted to do a thank you piece for someone who’s been so nice to the family during this time and I made this sweet little snowman embroidery.  The pattern was from a company called “This & That” and features a Snow Person.   I think I’m going to make him into a pillow but haven’t really finalized that plan.  I guess we’ll all have to wait and see.  He was embroidered in one afternoon in the waiting room.  I hope to make a few more before the holiday is upon us.


I’ve had to put my rosettes aside for a while.  I am having wrist issues.  I think it’s from the weird angle I hold my hand at when I’m joining the rosettes to the main quilt piece.  Hot tingles and shots of pain in the wrist.  Is that carpal tunnel???  I have a friend who is a OT (occupational therapist) and since the pain doesn’t shoot up into my fingers, she’s not sure it is that but suggested a wrist brace might keep it straight and if it’s a pinched nerve or such, that will help.  I have been wearing one to bed and have it on now when I’m typing.  I also wear it when I’m piecing on the machine because I was getting that heat and tingling when I was piecing my stars.  We’ll see how it goes and I will have to find a PCP type dr. here before long anyway and will check it out.

I’ve been doing a fair amount of baking.  I think I’ll save those pictures and details for another post this week.

I hope you are all getting your Christmas stitching done or at least making progress!   I hope to get a  Friday Finds together for you this week with some ideas for last-minute projects you can do in time for Christmas giving.

Hugs to all,