Hi.  My name is Marsha and I live full-time in an RV.  I love quilting, reading and painting.  I’d like to share my activities with you.  I get asked frequently how I can quilt in an RV and I will be showing you my quilting space and some of my projects, past and present, to give you a good idea how it happens.  I hope you will enjoy seeing some of the quilts I’ve done, a few watercolors I’ve painted and perhaps even a book review or two.  Join me as I travel and quilt, both at the same time!



“All Who Wander Are Not Lost.”  Tolkein





My Sewing Corner


My Center Island Makes a Great Cutting Area and beyond, the Pressing Board


Another View of the Cutting/Pressing Area


My “home on wheels” and the GMC Sierra Dual-Wheel truck that gets where we want to go.

Come in; stay a while.  Read about my travels, my quilts, my family and friends.
Share my recipes and my quilting adventures. Welcome!