That gorgeous Gingerbread Village is actually a display we went to visit at the Hanover Inn in Hanover, New Hampshire.   It was titled “Candy Land” this year.  Last year they did a Star Wars theme and they do a different scene each year.

It was absolutely amazing and I wanted to share a few of the individual locations within Candy Land.  I couldn’t get over the details included in each thing.  I’m not showing every single feature in the display but just a few things that I was blown away by!  I hope you enjoy seeing them.

The Peppermint Forest
Rice Chex roof, Thin Mint siding and marshmallow Peanuts on the back. Wow!!!


The Chocolate Pond
The Chocolate Pond
Marshmallow topped Gazebo
Marshmallow topped Gazebo


How about that gumdrop machine as part of the hotel?
How about that gumdrop machine as part of the hotel?  Did you notice the butterscotch chimney?


Love that huge lollipop in the window, and those sweet little trees.


Another look at the Peppermint Forest, close up.  Check out that huge blue gumdrop shrub to the right.   Wow, how many candy canes does one big tree use???

I hope you enjoyed a few shots of this amazing Candy Land Gingerbread village.

Next time I will share more gingerbread houses, made by folks like you and me.